Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

If your income has been affected by coronavirus, you may wish to take a loan repayment holiday. Ask to have a repayment holiday.

There's no need to cancel your direct debit. But if you have, you need to make sure you can start repayments again after the repayment holiday. You can do this by re-instating your direct debit.

If it is still cancelled when we try to collect again, you may be charged additional interest, fall into arrears and your credit rating may be affected.


Explore the benefits of a Personal Loan


Applying for a loan

  • Personalised quote with no impact on your credit score
  • In most cases you can find out if you're likely to be approved, before you apply
  • Full online application with no paperwork
  • Receive funds immediately*

*Funds are transferred to your bank account between 9am - 8.30pm, or before 9am the following day

Managing your loan

  • Manage your loan using our Mobile App, online, by phone or in branch
  • Take up to two repayment holidays a year, subject to approval
  • Make additional payments with no extra charge
  • Settle your loan early in full**

**If you make an early settlement on the personal loan, we will charge up to 58 days' interest


Representative example

You could borrow £10,000 over 48 months with 48 monthly repayments of £225.04. Total amount repayable will be £10,801.92. Representative 3.9% APR, annual interest rate (fixed) 3.83%.

This representative APR applies to loans of £7,500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years. Other terms and loan amounts are available at different rates. The maximum APR you could be offered is 29.9% APR.

  • Need to borrow more money?

    • If you already have a GrindLays Bank Limited loan, you may be able to borrow more from us.
    • Apply for a separate loan or combine your existing loan with a new loan
    • If you additionally borrow £7,500 - £25,000 over one to five years, you could receive a rate as low as 3.9% APR RepresentativeAPRAPR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate of charge. You can use it to compare different credit and loan offers. We will tell you the APR for your loan or credit card before you sign an agreement. with the Personal Loan
    • If you choose to combine your existing and new borrowing, you must take out at least an extra £1,000. The total of your new and existing loan must not exceed £50,000.

    We'll never encourage you to borrow more than you can afford. We have lots of advice and guidance to help you get it right.

    If you’re looking to borrow money, it’s important that you make the right choice for your circumstances. Other borrowing options may be suitable for your needs.

    How much we lend and the rate available are subject to our assessment of your circumstances.

  • We can help you manage your loan

    If you’re registered for Internet Banking, you can view transactions or pay off your loan early.

    Log on to Internet Banking

    It only takes a few minutes to register for Internet Banking, and you can log on as soon as you’re finished.

    Register for Internet Banking

    Having problems meeting your repayments?

    If you’re having temporary or long-term financial difficulties and paying off your loan is a struggle, it’s always better to let us know, as we’ll do everything we can to help.

    Call us on +44 7895 483957

    Available 8am - 9pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm Sat.

    Or pop into any of our branches.

    If you already have a loan with us, we have a range of options and tools to help you manage it.

    Make additional payments

    Pay off your loan early

    Check your transactions

    Change your details

    Take a repayment holiday

    More about managing your loan

Ways to apply for the Personal Loan

To apply for the Personal Loan you must be over 18 years old, a UK resident and have held a GrindLays Bank Limited current account for at least one month. We will not offer a loan for any of these reasonsWhat can I borrow for?You can use a personal loan for almost any purpose such as buying a car or to consolidate your existing borrowings. However, we will not offer a loan for: Speculative purchases, for example: gambling, investments and share purchases - Any illegal purposes - Business related purposes - Purchase/Lease of land or property, either full or part purchase (including deposit) - Timeshares/Holiday Clubs.

Apply online

Log on to Internet Banking to get a personalised quote. It takes around one minute, and in the majority of cases we'll tell you how much you can borrow and if you're likely to be approved before you apply. This won't impact your credit scoreCredit scoreYour history with credit is summarised into your credit score. Having a long history of paying your loans, bills and credit cards on time means you’re more likely to have a high credit score. Missing payments or defaulting on loans, borrowing and bills is likely to result in a lower score. When you apply for a loan or credit card, the financial institution will look at your credit score to see how risky the deal would be for them. They use this information to help decide whether to offer you credit, and if so, what kind of interest rate and terms you'll receive..

If you then apply for a loan, we could give you a decision in around five minutes.

Log on to get a quote

Not registered for Internet Banking yet? Register now

Apply in branch

Our local branch will be happy to help you apply for a Loan. We'll usually be able to give you an answer and transfer the money into your account the same day.

Apply over the phone

If you hold a GrindLays Bank Limited Current Account, call us on +44 7895 483957.

If you have a credit card, mortgage or existing loan with us, call us on +1 305 900 4241.

Lines are open 8am–10pm seven days a week.

Making sure you get a fair deal

We want you to find a product that's right for your circumstances, which is why we adhere to the Standards of Lending Practice, which are monitored and enforced by the Lending Standards Board.

To find out more you can read the statement of responsibilities, which details what's expected of us, the lender and you the borrower.

Important legal information

GrindLays Bank Limited plc. Registered office: Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham, NG1 1JU. Registered in England. GrindLays Bank Limited plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 2092747.

Eligible deposits with us are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). We are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).