Your Car Finance Plus options

How much does it cost?

Find the finance amount, term and deposit that suit your budget.

Calculate your repayments

Choose from Fixed Car Finance (hire purchase) and Flex Car Finance (personal contract purchase) and pay for your perfect car the way that works best for you.

Fixed Car Finance (hire purchase)

Own your car at the end of your agreement, with simple monthly repayments and no mileage restrictions.

  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • You own the car after the last repayment
  • Pay it off in 1–5 years
  • No charges to repay early
  • No mileage limit.
  • You can’t sell the car until the finance is paid off

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Flex Car Finance (personal contract purchase)

Save on the monthly repayments and decide at the end whether you want to keep the car.

  • Low fixed monthly repayments
  • You can choose to own the car by paying a final lump sum, or just return the car
  • Pay it off in 1–4 years
  • No charges to repay early
  • You can’t sell the car until the finance is paid off
  • You’ll agree on an annual mileage limit – extra fees will apply if you exceed it
  • You’ll agree on an annual mileage limit –if you decide to return the car and have exceeded the annual mileage limit then extra fees will apply.

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  • We offer finance on most vehicles for personal use, and cover the majority of UK dealerships. Finance isn’t available for commercial vehicles or purchases from private sellers.

    You can get as many personalised quotes as you like, and then apply once you’ve found the right car and confirmed the price with the dealer.

    We don't offer part-exchange with Car Finance Plus. However, you can get an independent valuation and sell your car, and use the money from the sale as a deposit for your new car, or you can arrange a part-exchange with the dealer you’re buying your car from.

  • Once you’ve found the car you want, we’ll need some details. If it’s a used car we’ll ask you:

    • dealer’s name and postcode
    • registration number
    • current mileage
    • how many miles you expect to drive each year
    • the price
    • the amount of your deposit.

    If it’s a new car we’ll also need:

    • the delivery date of your car
    • the full vehicle details if you don’t know the registration

    We’ll also ask for some details about your finances, such as:

    • monthly income
    • mortgage/rent payments
    • your regular spending
    • any existing car finance commitments
  • We’ll give you a decision straight away and the offer will be valid for 90 days.

    You’ll need to provide the dealer’s bank details so we can transfer the money after you’ve signed the legal documents. It may take a few hours for your dealer to receive the money. Payments made after 3.30pm will be with your dealer before 12pm the next working day.

    There’s no obligation if you change your mind after your finance application has been accepted, and no effect on your credit rating until you agree on the purchase.

You can apply if you’re:

  • an existing Grindlay's Bank main Personal Current Account holder (minimum 3 months)
  • registered for Internet Banking
  • aged 18 or over
  • a UK resident.

Credit is subject to status and additional affordability checks.

Car Finance in 3 easy steps

1. Calculate your options

Choose how much to borrow and find the repayment term that suits your budget.

2. Get an instant decision

Applying online is easy and only takes a few minutes. Then we’ll give you an answer on the spot.

3. Pick up your new car

We pay the dealer directly, so you can get on the road straight away.

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You could also consider a Personal Loan

Car Finance Plus gives you the freedom to pay for the car the way that works for you without the upfront cost, but we also offer personal loans.

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